We build websites that push your business forward

Your website is more than your online business card. It’s the best way to find and bind new and existing customers to your business. Find out how we make websites that deliver not only visits and views, but also leads and customers!


The Essential plan offers a complete set of functionality for a professional website.


All the features of the Essential plan, with the added bonus of a blog setup, more content pages, languages and contact forms.


Our most complete offer. For larger businesses or businesses that make their revenue online.



Responsive design

We design responsive sites that are performant, lightweight and display beautifully on any screen size, from smartphones to full-sized desktops.

We work closely with our customers to achieve a personalized design that matches their company’s brand and vision.


In Belgium, you are missing out if your site is not translated into at least French & Dutch.

All our sites are multilingual and can be configured to support up to 5 languages.



Content is what makes your site come alive and converts your visitors into customers.

For your site to be noticed by search engines, it also needs a decent amount of content. Therefore, we offer a minimum of 10 content pages. More can be added if needed.

Image galleries

Bring your website to life with beautiful images of your products and services.

We offer the possibility to add multiple image galleries to your website, with support for image effects, image optimization & sizing and even video.

Responsive forms

Forms are crucial for communicating with your leads and customers.

Our plans include multilingual, GDPR compliant and responsive contact forms. 

In addition, we can also build more complex forms with built-in logic, drop downs, check-boxes and more.


Social networks

Being active on social networks is standard practice for businesses these days. We help you connect your social networks to your website, so more potential customers can discover your business.


Knowing how your website is performing is key, so making sure every element of your site is tracked. Analytics is an essential part of our offer.

All our accounts come with Google Analytics, and we use several search engine tools to track and follow-up on your website’s performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Paid traffic generation solutions such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are not the only way to generate traffic.

Organic traffic from search engines is not only free but is also of high quality, resulting in qualitative leads for your business.

GDPR compliance

With GDPR, ensuring that your site is compliant is critical to avoid massive fines down the road.

Our Essential plan comes with a cookie consent tool, and you can upgrade to full GDPR compliance (privacy notice, data processing…) in our en Enhanced and Advanced plan.


Business tools

Make sure your customers know when, where and how to reach you.

In addition to contact forms, we also add your business opening hours and customized google maps integration to your site.

We also help you to configure your Google My Business account for added visibility online.



If you want to be found, make sure you regularly create new content.

There is no better way to do this than to add a blog to your site.

We install all the necessary tools and help you to make your blog visible to your future customers and search engines.



Avenue Jules Du Jardin 3/18
1150 Brussels
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Avenue Jules Du Jardin 3/18
1150 Brussels
Contact us
0479 99 15 51


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