Thanks to Rodrigo Costa, I went from 200 views per week to an average of 15,000 views per week in just 3 months! I couldn’t have hoped for better. And all this at a truly unbeatable price. What do I like most? Rodrigo is not a salesman, he’s an expert.

His approach is focused on my needs while taking into account my budgetary and time constraints. He has always focused on my interest, not his. I warmly recommend him.

Frédéric Funk

Coach, speaker, blogger, Center For Creative Leadership

Thanks to his meticulous listening and expertise, Rodrigo was able to understand what I wanted – when it was not yet quite clear to me – and to translate it visually.

At each stage of the work, he made me different proposals, clearly explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. He was involved from start to finish in both content management and web design.

His help and foresight were invaluable to me both in terms of the structure of my site and in terms of his explanations on SEO.

Working with Rodrigo was a good experience and the result is up to my expectations.

Sabrina de Munter


Finding a GOOD webmaster is not easy, I know what I’m talking about! 3 unsuccessful attempts before running into Rodrigo from FOCUSWEB.

Finally I met a REAL PRO, Rodrigo is a person who listens to you before acting, who asks powerful questions to fully understand your project and gives you wise advice.

It is a real partner in your brand image that I warmly recommend.

Isabelle La Haye

Owner, Etoile Intérieure



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